Frequently Asked Questions…

Swingers really are a broad spectrum of individuals from almost every social and employment level you can think of.

The one thing swingers all have in common is the enjoyment and freedom of sex without the usual restraints imposed by society in general. A lot of swingers often enjoy nudism too.

In our experience the people we have met in the past and the members that attend The Office have all been good company, intelligent conversationalists and well adjusted individuals.

Ages often range from early twenties to late forties with the average swinging couple likely to be in their early thirties, however age is never an issue at The Office.

The Office opens at 8.30pm and closes at 4.00am on Saturdays and 9.00pm til 02.00hrs on Friday. Try to avoid being too late as we close the club door at 12.30am. If you feel you may arrive later than this then please let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to let you in.

We recommend that all our members arrive reasonably early so everyone has enough time to relax and get to know each other etc. The Office is not just a “sex club”. We feel its equally important to take time to socialize and chat too!!

1) EVERYBODY has the right to say NO to both males & females and be respected for it. You may find someone great to talk to but not find them sexually attractive.

Should you have any problems at any time then please speak to Simon who will be pleased to assist.

2) If you would like to join in with someone else or a group then please ask politely. Usually the answer is “Yes” but a “No” is nothing personal so don’t be put off.

Try and form good friendships first then [at a later date] ask again. You might well be pleasantly surprised!!

The decision is always yours to make. If you would like to join in with other members then take things slowly and gently.

If you are in doubt then just ask – our members are all understanding and will offer you advice and reassurance.

Do not be afraid to admit you are nervous or unsure as no one will think any the less of you for being honest.

If you are feeling pressured or unsure about a situation then please find either Simon or a member of staff.

For male members smart casual is best and some smart underwear is recommended as ‘Y’ fronts are definitely not a turn on for most ladies!! Have a look at our links page for ideas as to where to shop for that something special for The Office and [importantly] the ladies!

Female members mostly wear short dresses or skirts with tops that can be removed easily with matching underwear. Stockings are a huge favourite however tights are a definite NO.

If you fancy dressing in PVC and leather or something equally daring then please feel free as this is one place it won’t look odd or out of place so you can fully indulge yourself.

It is considered rude and downright stupid to not use a condom.

Safe sex is the most important issue to think about whenever you attend a swinging club. It is good sense to assume that all your potential sex partners will practice safe sex.

If you have forgotten your condoms or exhausted your own stockpile [wow] then please ask a member of staff who will always have a supply available.

Please remember to dispose of used condoms in the bins provided. It’s polite to keep the play areas clean and hygienic plus it helps those of us that have the job of clearing up after we close!

Yes!! In fact there are many women and men who are bi or bi-curious and [depending on the people attending] there is every chance of you experiencing this pleasure.
Remember that swinging is supposed to be fun – everyone really does get nervous. Even Simon still gets butterflies before we open every Saturday although the nerves soon disappear as the evening starts.

With men nerves can effect your performance so relax – whilst nearly all ladies need a lot of reassurance and gentle attention for them to feel comfortable.

Remember it takes two or more to tango. Also remember that both sexes can have a very pleasurable time without the need for penetration. Just take your time and enjoy our club at an easy pace.

At The Office there is always the possible excitement of making new friends and enjoying time with new partners.

Our club gives all swinging couples the freedom to meet other like minded people in a safe and comfortable environment.

The atmosphere is always very relaxed and geared to promoting a sexy evening for all our members and visiting guests.

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